March 16, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for March 20, 2022

Jesus says all of us must be “reform-minded.” We all have opportunities to turn from sin and accept God’s love. It’s what baptism commits us to do.
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State of Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer

Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer

Together Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer and his fellow Redemptorist Thaddeus, preached five sermons per day while working in Warsaw, Poland.
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Study: Black Catholics worship more with other races than solely their own

A Pew Research Center study has found that only one-fourth of U.S. Black Catholics worship in majority-Black parishes.
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Faith and Family for March 20: Third Sunday of Lent

This week marks the third Sunday of Lent, in which the Gospel recounts the story of Moses and the burning bush.
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Spiritual Pride

The Lord searches day and night to find you. Pride and fear block our hearts from being found because they focus on the self. Our conversion begins when we refocus our life to Christ.
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