February 22, 2022

Chair of Saint Peter at the Vatican

Chair of Saint Peter

Every cathedral has a “cathedra,” a bishop’s chair that is used only by the bishop when he presides in the cathedral. It’s a symbol of his authority as chief teacher and liturgist of the diocese. So, today we celebrate the ...
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Pope decries warmongering, prays for Eastern Catholics in danger

Meeting leaders of the Eastern Catholic churches -- many from countries at war, facing the threat of war or dealing with the destruction left by war -- Pope Francis said human beings seem to be "attached to wars, and this ...
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Candles and flowers next to an urn

No Funeral Mass for a Cremated Person? 

What is the Church's official stance on cremation?
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Kid feeding a dog under the table

‘Is Lying Always a Sin?’

Is lying always a sin?
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The Blessing of Differences

We are all unique in so many different ways—our looks, nationalities, religions, and so much more. It is only when we come together that we create a beautiful image of Christ’s love.
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