February 21, 2022

Painting of Saint Peter Damian

Saint Peter Damian

If it hadn’t been for an elder brother taking him under his wing, Saint Peter Damian may have taken a very different path in life. But with his brother’s guidance, he matured into a holy man, monk, and bishop. A ...
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‘I Will Be With You’

Where are you struggling with fear and self-doubt? Where do you need a greater sense of God’s presence? God is with you in every life challenge and quest for justice.
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Ask a Franciscan about…Lent and Easter

My lifelong curiosity prompts me to ask: 1) When and how did Ash Wednesday originate? 2) What was the specific thinking that inspired this practice? 3) Can you recommend reference sources on this subject?
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Everything Is Holy

To be a materialist is, to use my Christian language, to believe fully in the Incarnation.
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