February 14, 2022

Statues of Saints Cyril and Methodius

Saints Cyril and Methodius

Often missionaries face the difficulties of language and culture. Saints Cyril and Methodius were no exceptions. But they faced the difficulties by writing the foreign language in a new alphabet and translating the liturgy for the local people.
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Republicans introduce immigration bill, but GOP divided over it

Republicans are divided on an immigration bill introduced by members of their own party that would grant citizenship to millions who are in the country without legal permission.
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Cupid’s Impersonator

Lust seduces me not only to say more with my body than I could ever imagine saying with my heart, but also to violate trust and fidelity in my committed relationships.
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My Love Letter to God

God is love. That is all we know and all that matters in the end.
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Rest in God’s Love

If God would accept us now, when we are clearly unworthy, then why would God change the policy later?
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