February 9, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for February 13, 2022

Luke’s Gospel overall is known for a focus on the poor. The fact of enduring poverty or other troubles seems to offer a perspective on God which helps us realize that we need to depend on God for everything.
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Statue of Saint Jerome Emiliani

Saint Jerome Emiliani

An orphan at the age of 15, Saint Jerome Emiliani ran away from home and ran into some trouble. He ended up in prison where he had time to think. After a conversion, Saint Jerome studied for the priesthood and, ...
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Cardinal O’Malley: Retired pope’s statement on abuse should galvanize all

The head of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors said retired Pope Benedict's "witness and profound honesty should galvanize all of us to defend survivors of abuse and to protect all those entrusted to our care."
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Faith and Family for February 13: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week, we hear Jesus tell his followers of ways in which they should help those who are in need. He then also offers a warning to those who have not cared for those people.
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Use Your Words

When children are little, we tell them to use their words to express their feelings. We do that because it’s important to speak up and be heard.
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