February 3, 2022

Fresco of Saint Blaise

Saint Blaise

Popularly known as the saint who protects from ailments of the throat, Saint Blaise was a bishop and martyr of the fourth century. We know little else about him, except that he suffered persecution even after the Edict of Toleration ...
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A year into presidency, criticism over immigration continues for Biden

Immigration supporters say that while they welcomed President Joe Biden's 2020 election, when it comes to immigration policy, his administration, a year into its first term, has left much to be desired.
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‘A Very Complicated Tree’

As you say a prayer for all those in distress today, open your heart as wide as you can. Let your prayer grow and grow, touching all the branches of our common tree.
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Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

The genius of the biblical revelation is that it doesn’t just give us the conclusions; it gives us both the process of getting there and the inner and outer authority to trust that process.
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