January 21, 2022

Mosaic of Saint Agnes of Rome

Saint Agnes

Like other young martyrs, the death of Saint Agnes reminds us that length of years is not a requirement for a holy life. Little is known about Saint Agnes other than that she was a martyr.
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Munich abuse report incriminates retired pope

A law firm's report on how abuse cases were handled in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising incriminated retired Pope Benedict XVI, with lawyers accusing him of misconduct in four cases during his tenure as Munich archbishop.
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Pope Francis gives a talk at the Vatican

Preparing for the 2023 World Synod of Bishops

Can you recommend a book describing what Vatican II was all about? Something in plain English without interpretation by the author? 
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A baby being blessed

Giving a Saint’s Name at Baptism 

Is this required? Some Christians have first names that are not those of a saint or a variant on a saint’s name. 
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Person walking a dog in the winter

Praying Quickly or Slowly? 

Does the speed of praying make a difference? 
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