January 10, 2022

Mosaic of Saint Gregory of Nyssa

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

Saint Gregory of Nyssa, the brother of Saint Basil and the son of Saints Basil and Emmilia, was a married man when he began studying for the priesthood. He became Bishop of Nyssa and fought Arianism and was a prominent figure at the Council of Constantinople.

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Mask mandates return in several dioceses as omicron variant surges

The rapid spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus has led bishops in dioceses nationwide to reimpose mask mandates for students and staff at schools as well as for Mass attendees regardless of vaccination status.

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The Vocation That Suits

Leopold Mandić (1866-1942) wanted to reunite Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians, and became a Capuchin friar as a step toward that desire.

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Notes from a Friar: The Power of the Eucharist

When we receive the Eucharist and say, quietly, “Amen,” we mean, “I believe.”

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The Joy Within

Savoring isn’t something you add or acquire. Unabashed joy is already inside. It springs from within.

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