December 10, 2021

Photo of the Blessed Adolph Kolping

Blessed Adolph Kolping

Concerned about the faith of single young men caught up in the industrial revolution in Germany, Blessed Adolph Kolping bucked social pressure by ministering to them. Today, the Kolping Society upholds the dignity of workers throughout the world.

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Survey: Most don’t see reasons to seek vaccine religious exemption as valid

A poll released Dec. 9 showed a strong majority of Americans don’t see the reasons for a religious exemption to the coronavirus vaccine as valid.

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Day Thirteen: A Catholic Family Advent

Around this time of year, children often lose sight of the true purpose of the Advent season—preparing to celebrate Jesus’s birth. Unfortunately they are not alone—we adults also lose our way and get caught up in the frenzy of the pre-Christmas season.

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Bonds That Can’t Be Broken

In times when the greater culture cheapens and commodifies what the experience of family should be, we can look to our faith to remind us that it goes far deeper than what is presented in commercials and on billboards.

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The Gifts of Advent Day 13: Love Is Greater than Things

Accidents happen during this busy season. Remember that the child or pet who was at fault is ultimately more important than the thing that got broke.

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