October 20, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for October 24, 2021

Like Bartimaeus, each of us is a person with some degree of faith. Like him, we want to see. Our deepest wishes, our courage when we take a risk, are all inside of us like they were in Bartimaeus.
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Colin Powell is recalled for priority he put on education, hard work, goals

Colin Powell once visited a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Washington to encourage students there to appreciate the Catholic education they are receiving, to dream big and to work hard to achieve those dreams.
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Faith and Family for October 24: The Blind Bartimaeus

In this week's Gospel for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary time, we hear the story of Bartimeaus, a blind man, who has his sight restored by Jesus.
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Housing for All

Housing should be a human right, and yet many people around the world do not have a home. Even small contributions to a temporary shelter add up.
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Your Field Guide to Flying Saints

There are some saints who were so immersed in prayer that their feet literally left the ground. While amazing, this is by no means unique.
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