October 13, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for October 17, 2021

The humanness of the disciples gives us hope that God will work in our lives and will patiently remind us--as Jesus does today--that true greatness comes through serving others.
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Reel Time with Sister Rose

Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews "Purgatory, " "Dear Evan Hansen, " and "Mass " in our November issue!
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‘Crisis standards of care’ help hospitals address volume of COVID-19 cases

In Alaska, the state's largest health care provider and hospital group said it is in the unfortunate position of showing the country what an emergency response plan to COVID-19's fourth surge looks like in an isolated region with few quick ...
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Faith and Family for October 17: Ambition of James and John

In this week's Gospel, James and John ask to be seated beside Jesus in his Glory, only to be reminded that they are called to be servants for others.
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Some Days It’s Hard to Get Out of Bed

Think about a difficult part of your upcoming day. You may be surprised at how well the preemptive rehearsal of inviting God to accompany you through it can work.
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