October 1, 2021

October is month to focus on living as missionaries every day, pope says

All Christians are called to be missionaries, which at its most basic level involves living in such a way that other people ask what motivates their love and concern, Pope Francis said.

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The Art of Listening

When we say the word family, it can mean so many things. Our faith teaches us that the human family—that is to say, every single human being on planet Earth—makes up the body of Christ and has inherent dignity.

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Our Blessed Little Flower

Honor St. Thérèse of Lisieux today by thinking of all the small things you do to try to be the best and most loving person you can be.

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St. Thérèse: My Spiritual Companion

What I thought was a brief walk with this beloved French saint turned into a lifelong journey of love and admiration.

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Using Our Creativity for Others

A Christian celebration of humanity consists in lovingly midwifing our fellow humans into full being.

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