September 22, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for September 26, 2021

If we’re to be true to the whole of today’s Gospel, then we need to apply Jesus’ own test: “whoever is not against us is for us.” May the Spirit help us to listen and discern.
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In Washington, saints join a crowd marching for immigration reform

Mario Ramirez of Milwaukee helped carry part of a homemade statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that bobbed in the massive crowd headed toward the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building Sept. 21.
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Faith and Family for September 26: Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week, we listen to the Gospel story from the book of Mark in which Mark tells the disciples that "whoever is not against us is for us."
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Woman praying at mass

Prayers for Troubled Hearts

The world is an uncertain place. But as the Gospels tell us over and over: Let not our hearts be troubled. Prayer can be our way out of panic and sadness.
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At Home with Angels and Beasts

We humans belong to both realms, the realm of the senses and a realm that goes beyond them. This stretches us. To avoid the tension of this stretching process we are apt to settle for half of our rightful inheritance. ...
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