October 29, 2020

Drawing of Saint Narcissus of Jerusalem

Saint Narcissus of Jerusalem

Some speculate that Saint Narcissus lived well beyond 100; some say he lived to 160. We don’t know much about him, but a number of miracles are attributed to him. Narcissus served as bishop of Jerusalem in the late second century.

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Church’s history is key to confronting racism, say panelists

Racism and systematic racial injustice “are the issues our people are trying to navigate and are struggling with,” said Father Robert Boxie III, a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington.

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Why Journal?

Author Terry Hershey talks about the benefits of putting pen, crayon, marker, or any other writing instrument to paper and capturing what we’re going through at that moment.

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Saint Who? Paul of Thebes

Let’s be honest: Many of us find prayer, well, boring. We get distracted. We rattle off a litany of wants and needs.

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Be Curious

Albert was curious, and you know what curious people do: They ask questions. They do research. And, often, they love teaching as a means of sharing what they’ve learned. Albert’s curiosity is breathtaking. He conducted research into virtually every known natural science, outdoors and in the laboratory, and took the same considered approach to questions about the life of the Blessed Virgin, to whom he was devoted. The Dominican was a respected instructor at numerous European colleges, and one of his students, Thomas Aquinas, would become a close friend.

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