September 28, 2020

Who Informed the Biblical Writers?

How did the gentlemen who gathered together to write the Bible do so? Where did their information come from? The holy Bible is beautifully written. When was it written? How did they know all the details?

Ultimately, God inspired them to convey the unique divine self-revelation that we find in the Bible. We need to accept the Bible on its own terms. We may mistakenly think of it as entirely eyewitness accounts in which the biblical writers act like court reporters, giving us a verbatim account.

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Quick Question and Answer

I recently read that a prenuptial agreement invalidates any marriage in the Catholic Church. Is that true?

No. The Catholic Church rejects any prenuptial agreement that contradicts the public declarations made in the Catholic Rite of Marriage (regardless of where the wedding took place or who officiated).

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Why Should We Meditate?

Forty is one of those numbers that seem to turn up everywhere. It has many symbolic meanings but in biblical terms, as well as in the Asian traditions, it points to the idea of process, a time of trial or preparation during which people are made ready for the next stage in their development.

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