May 13, 2020

5 Lessons from Megachurches

They still are experiencing phenomenal growth. What can Catholic parishes learn?
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Painting of possibly Jesus and others

The Truth about Jesus and Women

Was Jesus a feminist? Some might say it's not fair to pose this provocative question. One can easily object that feminism is a late 20th-century western idea, and that it is unfair to impose it on a first-century Jew like ...
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Has Anyone Seen God Face-to-Face?

From the description in Genesis 3:8-24, it does not sound as though Adam and Eve saw God face-to-face. When Moses encountered the burning bush (Exodus 3:1-22), he heard God speak but did not see God.
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Marks of Respect Vary by Culture

Why do people kiss the pope’s ring? This strikes me as a very odd custom and is certainly not based on the Bible. I have never found anyone who could give me a good explanation for this practice.
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Receiving Holy Communion in a Protestant Church

I recently attended the wedding of a friend’s son who was married in a Protestant ceremony. This wedding included a communion service. In order to show respect for my friend and his son, I received communion but afterwards questioned if ...
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Is There a Heaven?

Q: All my life we have been told that when we die we will be with God for all eternity. I sometimes feel, however, that when you die that’s it—no heaven, God or anything. It’s frightening to think that what I ...
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