October 24, 2018

Quick Questions and Answers

How can I fully convince myself and others that "Jesus is the only way to God "? The integrity of your life is the best way. Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard of Paris (d. 1949) once wrote: "To be a witness does ...
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Can Laypeople Give Blessings?

Can someone give a blessing to a sick friend, or a birthday blessing, a blessing at a meal, or on other occasions? Does the person need the permission of the local bishop?
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God the Warrior?

Our faith teaches that peace overrides force. In the Old Testament, however, there are passages that describe how God cleared a path for the Hebrew people through war and displacement of other people and cultures. Isn't that a contradiction?
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Cupcakes Broken and Shared

This month, we are entering a time of year that is very focused on food and togetherness first Thanksgiving, then Christmas. It is in that spirit that I am writing this column. But this gathering of food and friends wasn't ...
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Cooking with Chef Lidia

"Food is my connection," says Lidia Bastianich, a cooking show star and restaurant owner. But it was her faith that spurred her on her journey.
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person holding grateful sign

Editorial: Looking Back, Moving Forward

As the new year draws closer, let us be a light in the darkness for others.
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