February 5, 2018

Can We Sing the Our Father?

Why can’t we sing the Our Father at Mass? When I asked our parish organist, the response was that our parish was told not to do this.

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Seeking God with Sister Rose: Prayers for David

I remember my brother, David, every time I stop and wait in traffic for a red light to change. Now, you would be surprised how this works for me. David entered into eternal life October 14, 2016, and I was determined to remember him more in prayer, so I devised a way: Every time I need to stop for a red light in traffic, I think of David and pray, “Eternal Rest Grant Unto him, O Lord.” And that’s it!

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Mary Is the Answer

Mary can help you to find and attach to a solid, loving mother figure on the natural level. If you ask her, she will guide you to them. Perhaps she is a mentor, older friend, or consecrated religious. We can find that motherly love in many people. No matter what you lack from your childhood, it can be recovered with the Blessed Virgin’s help. Mary is the answer. 

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