October 25, 2017

15th Station of the Cross?

I recently attended a Way of the Cross that ended with a 15th station: Jesus rises from the tomb. Is this allowed? Also, Communion was distributed at the end of this service. Is that permitted?

The practice of having a 15th station has become more common in the last 50 years, especially through the influence of Cursillo groups. The reason is to end this prayer on an obviously upbeat tone.

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Two Feasts for St. Joseph?

On March 19, we celebrate St. Joseph, husband of Mary. On May 1, we celebrate St. Joseph the Worker. Why are there two feasts for the same saint?

The worldwide Church has long honored St. Joseph, and his feast entered the worldwide calendar in 1324. The feast of St. Joseph the Worker was added in 1955.

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Reel Time

I’ll Push You

There have been many documentaries about the Camino de Compostela, but none as inspiring or emotionally powerful as the story of Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray in the documentary I’ll Push You.

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Editor’s Minute

Creative Choices

How do you make a call between two different styles? In one caseÑin this very issueÑI’m referring to Sister Rose Pacatte’s wonderful article about Timothy Reckart, “Following The Star. ” He’s a remarkable man who has crafted an outstanding animated film about the Holy Family for the holiday season. We could have illustrated her interview in more than one wayÑeither in a more photographic style or with animated characters from the film itself.

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How Can I Forgive Him?

My neighbor of many years was recently arrested for viewing child pornography. I’ve known him and his beautiful family since they moved into our neighborhood; I had considered him a pillar of the community.

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Finding Light in the Darkness

Back in August, my wife and children convinced me to take them to see the total solar eclipse. So I took the day off work, we drove two and a half hours south on rural Kentucky roads, and we found a great eclipse lookout spot—out in the country on the lawn of a small missionary Baptist church near Russellville. We felt the strange weakening of the sun’s warmth as the eclipse grew. At the moment of totality, we saw the colors of sunset all around the horizon and the sun’s blazing corona emanating from behind the black moon.

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