sperm meets the egg

Is Egg Donation Morally Acceptable?

A family member is giving her frozen eggs to women who can’t conceive. If we are to preserve human life in all its forms, shouldn’t these eggs be given a chance to live?
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Almost 7 in 10 Americans say biological sex, not gender identity, should determine sports participation

WASHINGTON (OSV News) — A growing majority of Americans say athletes should compete on men’s or women’s sports teams that correspond to their biological sex rather than their gender identity, according to a June 12 Gallup poll. The new poll ...
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Nearly 30 women religious communities endorse transgender observance, advocacy in joint statement

(OSV News) — Close to 30 U.S. women religious communities, who say they represent “over 6,000 vowed Catholic religious and partners in mission in over 18 states,” released a joint statement endorsing the March 31 observance of International Transgender Day ...
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