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A homeless couple moves their belongings to the side of a freeway on land under state jurisdiction, after being evicted from a downtown location on the side of a city street, in San Diego, Feb. 26, 2024. (OSV News photo/Mike Blake, Reuters)

Passions flare as Supreme Court hears case with impact on homelessness policy

The Supreme Court on April 22 heard a case concerning the constitutionality of local laws that ban public camping and their impact on people who are homeless.
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High court allows Texas to enforce controversial law targeting migrants — for now

A divided U.S. Supreme Court March 19 lifted a temporary pause on a controversial Texas law that makes it a state crime for unauthorized migrants to cross into Texas from Mexico, allowing the state to enforce the law while litigation ...
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U.S. Supreme Court building

High court strikes down affirmative action admission policies backed by Catholic universities

WASHINGTON (OSV News) — The Supreme Court ruled June 29 that institutions of higher education can no longer take race into consideration for admission, a landmark decision overturning previous precedent supported by many Catholic universities and colleges. Within higher education, ...
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Supreme Court keeps Title 42 restriction on border entry in place for now

WASHINGTON (CNS) — In an end-of-the year decision, the Supreme Court said Dec. 27 that a federal public health rule that allows immigration officials at the border to quickly turn away migrants seeking asylum could stay in place while legal ...
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