St. Clare of Assisi

Cross laid on palms

Lent with St. Clare: Third Sunday

All too often, we see God as a distant figure. When we do that, though, we fail to see the many ways that God is working in our lives. Perhaps God is present in a friend or family member who is helping or consoling us.

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Cross on a mountain with the sunset

Lent with St. Clare: Second Saturday

St. Clare of Assisi probably would have been uncomfortable hearing such accolades. Clare wanted only to follow and serve Christ. She chose to do so in a quiet and humble way, along with her sisters.

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Cross with a crown of thorns

Lent with St. Clare: Second Friday

Clare shared her faith and wisdom with so many outside San Damiano and far beyond her own time. Indeed, she counseled and nursed an ailing Francis during one of his visits. How might we be in service to others?

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Lent with St. Clare: Second Wednesday

We live in a world that is constantly changing—minute by minute—right before our eyes. We are surrounded by the never-ending cycle of social media, news, streaming services, and a whole host of other “here this minute, gone the next” sources of information and entertainment.

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Cross with a purple ribbon

Lent with St. Clare: Second Tuesday

In 1240, a group of Saracen mercenaries attacked the convent at San Damiano on their way to the city of Assisi. St. Clare, though sick and weak, confronted the men and held them off by raising the monstrance containing the Eucharist.

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Lent with St. Clare: Second Monday

For Clare, Christ’s love was the greatest gift. She always looked to praise God for the many blessings bestowed on her, even if they didn’t seem obvious.

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