St. Clare of Assisi

Illustration of Saint Clare

St. Clare’s Gamble

Many people thought Clare of Assisi, a noblewoman, was wasting her life by living as a cloistered nun at San Damiano. She proved them wrong.
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People in masks praying | Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

St. Clare, COVID-19, and the Communion of Saints

“He died alone!” “We were not with her!” These lamentations are heard daily as people recount the most bitter experience of losing a loved one to COVID-19.
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Lent with the Saints

Lent with the Saints: Clare

Clare’s vocation, nurtured in her family’s home with her mother and sisters, had grown into a longing to live the gospel life in simple service.
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Why St. Francis Belongs on the Birdbath

Since his death, St. Francis of Assisi has been the subject of some of the world’s most admired works of art.
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Painting of Saint Clare and Saint Francis of Assisi

Clare and Francis: Assisi’s Most Dangerous Citizens

Sometimes we are so attracted to the saints for our own reasons that we fail to see how radical they were in their day.
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Sisterhood of Saints: Clare of Assisi

Louise de Marillac and Vincent de Paul. Paula and Jerome. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. It’s not unusual for women saints to have had non-romantic ministry or spiritual instruction relationships with men also honored by the Church. ...
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