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St. Gianna Beretta Molla with her child

St. Gianna Beretta Molla: Trusting God Alone

Turning over control to God can be challenging when our expertise and knowledge make the surrender more complicated, as was the case with Gianna Beretta Molla.
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Saints atop St. Peter's in Rome

Quotes from Catholic Saints

“In His will is our peace,” sing the saints in Dante’s Divine Comedy. We cannot, however, truly be at peace unless we allow our conversion to God’s ways to be open-ended.
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Dear Reader: Saints Be Praised!

This month, to commemorate the feast of All Saints, we are offering a lineup of articles that acknowledge and celebrate a handful of saints and blesseds.
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Artistic rendering of Mother Teresa

St. Teresa of Calcutta: A Mystic for Our Times

A visionary, Mother Teresa comforted the sick as they wrestled with death. No person was beyond her capacity for love and compassion.
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Saint Christopher and Jesus medal

St. Christopher: History and Mystery

St. Christopher—patron of travelers, protector against toothaches, hailstorms, and sudden death—is one of the most endearing for Catholics. His life and story, bordering somewhere between legend and legitimacy, is a faith-affirming exercise in service, grace, and love.
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mosaic of Saint Francis of deSales

St. Francis de Sales: Champion of Prayer

As a prayer coach, St. Francis de Sales encourages us to jump in and swim in the grace of God.
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