Maureen O'Brien

People watching the sunset | Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

Christ along the Periphery

Jesus never measures and weighs, doesn’t count, keep score, or tally what is given. He just gives.
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Mallard duck on the water | Photo: ChrisF via Pexels

Riding the River

Love just is. I’m dumbfounded by the mystery of it all. I’m reminded again that delight and beauty are right here.
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canoe on a lake | Photo by John Sekutowski on Unsplash

God Is in the Stillness

I find hope on a crisp spring morning. In the silence, I find God there.
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Shard of Mirror | Photo by Ismael Sánchez

Broken and Healed

Faith can so often be invisible, clear as a morning whisper. Sometimes I just want to touch it.
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Holding stringed lights | Photo by Yeo Yonghwan on Unsplash

Gather the Fragments

My latest book is born of three words, gather the fragments, and I invite you here to share them, no matter what you believe.
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