two people with coffee cups

Opportunities for Connection

Reflect We so often go about our day without giving a thought to the habits we perform throughout them. We slurp our cup of coffee or tea while driving down the road, we inhale a burger on the go without ...
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Basket of rustic loaves of bread

Daily Bread

Reflect We gather at holy and ordinary tables to connect, to be fed and nourished. What we taste, chew, and swallow feeds our bodies and strengthens us for prayer and service—for dwelling in God. Even while many are hungry, food ...
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Mound of peaches

We Pay It Forward

It was a huge bag of peaches that took two kids to carry. I thanked them for their thoughtfulness, reflecting to myself, Who brings fruit from their backyard to the previous owners of their house?  “It’s our pleasure, María! You ...
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More Than Mere Food

When you know the farmers who are planting and harvesting the food you eat, you become keenly aware of the labor involved.
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chef making food | Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

Cooking with Father Dominic: The Bread Monk

Father Dominic Garramone, OSB, former host of the PBS television show Breaking Bread With Father Dominic, talks about the close connection between faith and food.
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