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God Loves Our Imperfections

God looks at us and sees the beauty of who we are, and that beauty is not a result of our being perfect.
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Let Us Pray: Endless Love

God opened a door deep within me, from a place I had never experienced or even understood existed.
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Parenting Kids with Autism 

This father shares how the journey of supporting his two sons with special needs has enriched and informed his faith.
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Dances and Diapers: Reflections on Parenting and Prayer

I hold my newborn son; he holds my gaze. As I carry him in my arms, he carries my heart to a new place. I notice every shift of his eyes, every wince, every movement, and all the thoughts he ...
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father and kids | xPhoto by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Franciscan Inspirations: An Important Question for Fathers

I came across a beautiful observation about dads and wanted to share it with you. “The warmest scarf a man can wear is the arm of his little boy or girl around his neck.” It is so true.
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Faith Unpacked: Embracing Our Imperfections

Last year, I got a sweater from my wife as a birthday gift. It's a simple grey sweater made of a linen blend, and I immediately fell in love with it.
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