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God Loves Our Imperfections

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God, to me, is a mystery, but in my better moments, I feel fairly sure that God loves us in the way I am trying to love my kids. That is to say, I think God looks at us and sees the beauty of who we are, and that beauty is not a result of our being perfect. It’s a result of our being a whole, unique mess—the good and the bad together. God delights in our discolored strands—at our wild imperfections. As a father myself, I am learning to do the same.

—from St. Anthony Messenger‘s “Faith Unpacked: Embracing Our Imperfections
by David Dault, PhD

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1 thought on “God Loves Our Imperfections”

  1. I love Thomas Merton’s “God doesn’t see the scorekeeper or the score only HIs little child redeemed in grace.” He loves me whole!!


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