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Christmas trees

Editorial: The Gift of Perfect Joy

Happiness and joy. Those are two words that get tossed around quite a bit at this time of year and certainly with good reason. The birth of Christ is definitely something to celebrate.
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Image depicting Saint Francis and the Christ Child.

Greccio and the First Live Nativity: 800 Years of Tradition 

While the tradition of a live Nativity scene dates back to 1223, St. Francis’ approach to the incarnation and the birth of Jesus remains revolutionary and spiritually transformative for today. 
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Crèches from around the Globe 

Brother Tim Sucher, OFM, has loved Nativity scenes since he was a small child. Now he has amassed a collection of over 100 crèches from all over the world.
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Saint Nicolas

Saint Nicholas: The Original Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas' life is one of history and mystery.
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mask and tree ornaments

A COVID-19 Christmas

In the midst of these uncertain times, here are five ways to rethink your Advent and Christmas season.
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St. Francis and the Gift of Greccio

The idea of a live Nativity scene might seem common nowadays. But in St. Francis' time, it broke new ground and opened up ways to deepen our spirituality during Christmas.
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