Sunday Soundbite for October 8, 2023

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cycle A
October 8, 2023

Isaiah’s vineyard song and Jesus’ parable of the vineyard are connected. Isaiah’s song is a reminder to the house of Israel about all that God has done for his vineyard, and yet it produces only wild grapes. Matthew’s parable recounts how the tenants on God’s vineyard are ungrateful. The parable’s message smote the heart of the religious leaders. They wanted to kill Jesus, but could not do it because Jesus was so popular.

Are there lessons to be learned from Isaiah and Matthew? You bet there are. As tenants of God’s vineyard we are called to change today, for the Lord will come looking for his harvest of the vineyard’s fruit. Isaiah reminds us to bring forth good fruit–a harvest of justice–not wild, sour grapes that demand God’s wrath. If we look at our parish, or our family, or our lives, how are we doing? Are we bringing forth a harvest of justice?

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