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Hearing from You

I won’t devote a whole column to it, but suffice to say, judges from across the continent agree: you’re reading a fine magazine. The Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada recognized us, some weeks back, with a stack of awards, including one of the “Magazine of the Year ” awards.

Now-retired Art Director Jeanne Kortekamp was recognized for her fine design; Assistant Editor Kathleen M. Carroll won first place for her editorial on racism, and two of our writers, Joseph McHugh and Toni Cashnelli, won, respectively, first place for best analysis ( “What Ramadan Taught Me about Lent “) and best feature ( “Franciscan Respite for Refugees “). Speaking of finest quality, Art Director Mary Catherine Kozusko will be bringing us forward with a new look for St. Anthony Messenger.

In preparation for the redesign, we’re having conversations with some of you. Digital Editor Christopher Heffron reports, “Feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Comforting is a word that one woman I talked to used. ”

Another commented that she wished more articles were longer; another said: “I don’t feel like I belong in my parish. Your magazine makes me feel like I’m part of the bigger picture. ”

Assistant Editor Kathleen M. Carroll was struck by “how engaged our readers are. Not only do they know our magazine intimately, but they share what they learn about the faith in these pages with their families, churches, and communities. ”

Managing Editor Daniel Imwalle heard that “readers spend time with the magazine throughout the month. It’s part of the household, in a way. ” People he talked with “come from different parts of the political spectrum, but are unified in their need for spiritual enrichment. ”

We are grateful for the time that some of you have taken with us. I would love to have a phone conversation with any of you. Help us to improve your magazine! Email me and we’ll make arrangements. How good it is for us to get your feedback as we look ahead.

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