Dear Reader: Good News in Bad Times

I cautiously volunteered to write this month’s article “2019: A Year in Review.” I use the word cautiously with intention because it hasn’t been a banner year. I knew that a deeper dive into 2019 would leave me winded and hopeless. And in many ways, it did. We’ve faced catastrophic fires, hurricanes, impeachment proceedings, sex-abuse scandals, and dire predictions from scientists about our planet’s shelf life.

But it’s narrow-minded of me to neatly categorize an entire year as a loss when it also produced joyous news throughout. In 2019, we saw a decrease in global terrorism, scientists making remarkable strides in detecting and treating Alzheimer’s and diabetes, and a NASA report showing that we are 10 percent greener than in decades past. And those are worth celebrating.

At St. Anthony Messenger, we play a role in the media you consume. While several articles in 2019 tackled weighty, penetrative topics, we also featured stories designed specifically to lift your spirits. In looking back on the year, I understand now that hiding from the news is never the answer, but being consumed by it isn’t either.

Balance is key—and I hope we’ve provided that. Our staff—in fact all of us at Franciscan Media—understand the power of words and the importance of hope. St. Francis cleared that path for us. We walk it still.

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