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St. Anthony Messenger

December 2019 Issue

Dear Reader: Good News in Bad Times

Oct 5, 2020
At St. Anthony Messenger, we play a role in the media you consume.

2019 in Review

Oct 5, 2020
In his Four Quartets, T.S. Eliot wrote that “last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.” If he were alive today, what verses would Eliot use to describe 2019?

The Gift of Perfect Joy

Sep 30, 2020
Happiness and joy. Those are two words that get tossed around quite a bit at this time of year and certainly with good reason.

Christmas in the Holy Land

Nov 27, 2019
A pilgrim travels to a holy place and recalls its sacred story. Perhaps no place in the world combines place and story better than Bethlehem in the Holy Land.

Your Christmas Music Playlist

Nov 27, 2019
By the time you read this column, you might already be burned out on Christmas music, and we’re just now actually getting into the season!