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April 2022 Issue

Dear Reader: God’s Grandeur

Apr 14, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
I admire those who see the world differently than I do. It’s a gift that all visual artists have—and it’s something I’ve envied my entire life.

‘We Will See Him’: An Easter Message

Apr 13, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
These bittersweet times are an opportunity for all of us, changed by the Risen Lord into joyful disciples, to touch the wounds of our weary world with hope, love, and faith in the power of the Resurrection.

My Own Canticle of the Creatures 

Mar 25, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
Pandemic isolation forced this photographer to capture the intricate and beautiful world around her.

A New Approach to Parish Mergers 

Mar 25, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
Parish restructuring has become a reality for many US dioceses. While initially painful, the process can ultimately lead to healing and renewal. 

Followers of St. Francis: Emmet Murphy, OFM

Mar 25, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
The plan was for Emmet Murphy, OFM, to spend a few weeks in Arizona, but then COVID-19 hit. There would be no going back to New Jersey. Border work became his lifestyle, and Arizona became his home. 

Reel Time with Sister Rose

Mar 25, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
Sister Rose Pacatte, FSP, reviews “Dog,” “Sneakerella,” and “Torn” in our April issue!

Book Corner

Mar 25, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
Looking for a good read this spring? Check out these titles!

New Music in 2022

Mar 25, 2022 St. Anthony Messenger
In search of new music? Daniel Imwalle offers these two suggestions.