Sharing the Word for November 26, 2020

Thursday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

November 26, 2020
Daily reading from the USCCB: Luke 21:20-28

The persecution of Jesus’ disciples will be followed by the siege of Jerusalem, a time of utter devastation in every aspect of the city’s life. The Gentiles will take over and lead the Jews into captivity. Ultimately the triumphant Christ will appear to bring liberation and redemption and fulfillment to his world.

In the interim time before Christ’s final coming in glory interim catastrophes will afflict the world: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, epidemics, famine, inhuman social regimes, seemingly endless wars. There will be individual catastrophes too: sickness, sorrow, uncertainties, confusion.

Today’s Gospel reading speaks of all that and reassures us that God is in it all somewhere. Nothing is more powerful than God’s love and care for us. Nothing can frustrate his plans for his world.

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