Sharing the Word for November 10, 2020

Memorial of Saint Leo the Great

November 10, 2020
Daily reading from the USCCB: Luke 17:7-10

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus gives a brief lesson on what the attitude of a servant should be. And in reality, when a Christian professes faith in Jesus–especially in a time of persecution–they have to realize that what follows could well be pain and suffering. It is the paradox that giving one’s self to the Lord is itself a reward and a blessing. But what helped Christians understand that, was experiencing suffering exactly as Jesus had done–though he was totally innocent of any wrong doing. It meant they were indeed following in Jesus’ own footsteps.

There was no one who could serve more fully than Jesus himself. Talk about persecution! Jesus’ own ministry was one that was always challenged and criticized. As servant, Jesus did his Father’s will, and as a result walked a painful path on earth that ended in his death on the cross. But of course that was followed by his resurrection.

The call of Jesus for his disciples to be servants includes everyone from the lowest in society to royalty and the privileged. No one can complain, “Well, I’ve served you, Lord. So where is my reward?” We soon realize that simply being God’s servant is reward in itself.

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