Sharing the Word for May 5, 2022

Thursday of the Third Week of Easter

May 5, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 6:44-51

Jesus continues his bread of life discourse. He explains that his teaching constitutes spiritual nourishment–a nourishment that ultimately comes from the Father. Whoever listens to the Father is united to Jesus and whoever believes in Jesus has eternal life.

Jesus repeats his theme: “I am the bread of life.” But now the bread he speaks of is no longer his teaching, but his very own body and blood come down from heaven. This bread that is his flesh constitutes the life of the world and those who eat it will not die.

Jesus the bread of life nourishes us with the bread of his teaching and with the food of the Eucharist–his body and blood. We are called to believe and to receive.

Pause and Pray

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