Sharing the Word for May 29, 2021

Saturday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

May 29, 2021
Daily Reading From the USCCB: Mark 11:27-33

As Mark’s Gospel moves toward conclusion we see Jesus’ enemies probing to find a weak spot that would enable them to get rid of him. Today the religious leaders ask about Jesus’ credentials. They want to know where Jesus gets his authority from.

And Jesus says in effect, from the same place that John the Baptist got his authority. If the Baptist got his authority from God, so does Jesus. If the Baptist’s authority wasn’t from God, then neither is Jesus’. But the questioners will then have to deal with the people who saw John as a spokesman from God. The questioners are reduced to silence. Jesus wins this round.

What kind of authority does Jesus have in my life? It’s a question that we cannot dodge.

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