Sharing the Word for January 4, 2022

Memorial of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

January 4, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Mark 6:34-44

Today we have another preview of Jesus’ ministry. These elements from Mark’s Gospel will characterize the whole life and action of Jesus.

There is concern for the people. There is the involvement of the disciples: “Do something!” Most significant of all, there is the feeding of the crowd with a couple of loaves and fishes. Care, community, nourishment will be a regular part of Jesus’ ministry. They are as it were, his trademarks.

The ministry of Jesus is still characterized by these trademarks in the Church. Jesus’ work is continued by his followers who offer his care to those in need. The feeding of the multitude takes place each day in the Eucharist. The work of Jesus continues in the Church.

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