Sharing the Word for January 4, 2021 – Second Week in Christmastime – Year 1

Memorial of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

January 4, 2021
Daily reading from the USCCB: 1 John 3:22-4-6

John now turns his attention from God as light to a consideration of the commandments we have received from Christ. Christ’s commandments are that we believe in the name of Jesus and love one another. The Spirit will then remain in us.

Not every spirit is of God, however. The criterion for recognizing which spirit is of God is the acknowledgement that Jesus is the Christ who has come into the world in the flesh. Some believe in a pseudo-Christ who is not a real and true human being. These persons do not belong to Jesus.

God’s commands are the same today. We are to love one another and entrust our faith to the real Savior–to Jesus Christ who is fully human like us.

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