Pause + Pray

Loved into Existence


Poet John O’Donahue once wrote, “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” May this prayer heighten your awareness of the divine flow of your life and your ongoing dance with the Trinity.


What a miracle it is
to be loved into existence,
even now, wherever I am,
still in this moment,
no matter what has led me here,
no matter my inner or outer state —
the length of the night,
the noise of the day —
I am reminded I am enough
as you fill my lungs 
and bring me to life,
as you flow through my being
like a downward stream,
as you mysteriously ground me 
like an ocean containing a ship.

Trinity, help me flow as you flow
out of the infinite well of love within
as I am loved by You
into my bed or my chair 
or the ground in which I stand 
in this very moment,
this unfolding miracle, 
this ever-flowing love.


Take John O’Donahue’s words from his poem or a phrase from this prayer that resonated, and every time you catch yourself bored with life or going through the motions, consider reciting those words to heighten your awareness for the miracle of being loved into existence, just as you are.

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