Sharing the Word for December 2, 2020

Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

December 2, 2020
Daily reading from the USCCB: Isaiah 25:6-10a

In this series of liturgical First Readings from Isaiah, the prophet describes some fundamental aspects of God’s kingdom. What will it be like when God’s plans are brought to fulfillment? Today the prophet tells us that it will be like a great and glorious banquet.

God will provide a feast of rich food and choice wines–juicy rich food and pure, choice wines. Everybody in the world will be invited to join in the festivities. There will be no more sadness, no more death, only happiness in what the Lord has provided. The theme song of the banquet will be, “Rejoice and be glad, because the Lord has saved us.”

We have been invited to the banquet. What response do we make to the invitation?

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