Sharing the Word for December 16, 2022

Friday of the Third Week of Advent

December 16, 2022
Daily Reading from the USCCB: John 5:33-36

There were many prophets like John the Baptist who spoke the truth and prepared the people for the coming of Jesus the Savior. Given that John was the last prophet of our tradition to appear on earth, it is interesting to note the people today who look to be prophets proclaiming the message of the gospel. They may appear either as ordinary citizens or as those in high positions who truly seek to help others who are persecuted or suffer terrible injustices. These prophets would never consider themselves as such. But by their words and actions, they actually proclaim the true gospel of Jesus even if they themselves don’t fully appreciate their role.

Some of them may be in local or national government, advocating for the downtrodden and those who are cast aside and forgotten by our society. Others dedicate their lives and energy to overcoming racism, or the labeling of innocent immigrants as being “all terrorists.” As did John, we have our own prophets who bravely “testify to the truth” of what needs to be done in the areas of peace and justice. They provide “shining lamps” that help to guide our path.

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