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Sharing the Word for August 8, 2023

Memorial of Saint Dominic

August 8, 2013
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Numbers 12:1-13

Complaints again, this time about leadership. Miriam complains because Moses has taken a despised foreign woman as his wife. In addition, Moses seems to have assumed for himself a superior position suggesting that Miriam and Aaron were of lesser significance in the leadership of the people. “Aren’t we important, too?” she asks.

God enters the discussion. “Moses is special,” he says, ”because I have made him so, and it’s not up to you to second guess me.” As punishment, God afflicts Miriam with a loathsome skin disease which he quickly removes at Moses’ intercession. Moses is shown to be special indeed.

God’s people are not always satisfied with the leadership he sends them, but the people’s leaders come from God and must be received accordingly.

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