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The Upper Room Crisis Hotline 

She’s talked to murderers, abusers, and even those wrestling with the occult. Sister Mary Frances Seeley and volunteers answer all calls with a message of God’s unconditional love and prayerful support.

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Man praying surrounded by ambient light

Postures of Prayer 

Sitting, standing, and kneeling during Mass each have their own distinct role in helping us fully experience and appreciate the liturgy. 

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Photo of Padre Pio and the Madona by Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ, via Flickr

Padre Pio and the Madonna

Padre Pio nurtured his love for the Mother of Jesus from the time he was a child. He would go to the church in Pietrelcina to greet and to pray to Our Lady of Graces.

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Meet the Mystics

The word mystics has the same linguistic root as the word mystery, which denotes something secret, hidden, something that is beyond our understanding. The mystic

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Illustration of Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr: Modern-Day Mystic

His is a Franciscan legacy—one marked by love, laughter, peace, justice, and inclusivity. Three authors reflect on Father Richard Rohr’s impact on them and spiritual seekers everywhere. 

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Painting of Bartolomé de las Casas

Admitting Gross Historical Injustices

Call it tribalism, but I’ve always cast a skeptical eye on the Dominicans ever since I learned about their role in the Inquisition. Do you have any advice for thinking about historical misdeeds?

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