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The uncertainty and conflicting research about the pandemic has led many to scrutinize their every move each passing day. This constant angst and heaviness has taken its toll in some way on each of us. Each of us must play our role during these chaotic times to protect those around us, but we each must also take care of our minds and give grace to ourselves. May this prayer remind you of your humanity at a time when it is easy to be hard on yourself, and guide you to surrender these anxieties to God.


Around every corner this year: a new fear to navigate—
guilt for going here, shame for doing that,
questioning every move—was this okay? Was he okay?
Was she okay? Am I okay? Did I rub my eye with the same hand
I used to pump gas?
Just a tickle in my throat stirs paranoia in my soul;
every interaction the day before scrutinized the next.
I’m doing my best, but never has my best felt like not enough
in every mundane moment.
I need you, Lord, to calm my mind, to hold me tight and remind me:
I’m only human in this crazy world.


Whenever you find yourself blindsided by pandemic-related anxiety today, stop, breathe, and pray the last lines of this prayer.

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