Pause + Pray

This Is My Body


When St. Francis was dying, he apologized to Brother Body for the harsh treatment he issued so often. I often feel critical of my own body, seldom because of penances, but because of excess or unreasonable expectations.


Lord God,
you have allowed me
to become a tabernacle.

When I receive you
in our recurring Last Supper,

I become the scriptural Ark of the Covenant.
My daily self is blessed,
as the work of your hands.
Yet I fail to respect the glory
of my muscles,
bones and ligaments.

I want to dance,
but I stumble.

I don’t thank you enough
for the miracle
of all my senses.

I apologize.
Straighten my back today.
Walk with me.
May this inner beauty be manifest.


I will work through my body to honor you today. I will use my strengths as you inspire me.

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