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The Joyful Mystery of Easter


Peter and “the other disciple whom Jesus loved” arrive at the tomb after Mary of Magdala alerted them that Jesus’ tomb was empty. Like us, the disciples were human beings, with the same limitations and foibles we have. What’s telling is that, though “they did not yet understand,” they believed. In the previous verse, it’s written that the other disciple “saw and believed” upon seeing the empty tomb. Do we need to understand everything around us so that we can believe? Or does belief transcend our capacity to know?


God of Mystery and Light, your Son is risen today.
Although my mind struggles with how this is possible,
my heart rejoices.
My soul leaps.
Help me to prioritize my being: Soul is bigger than mind.

As we celebrate the Resurrection today, may I remember
that it is the mystery t
hat binds our faith,
not the earthbound certitude of human knowledge.
The Trinity, the miracles, dying unfolding into new life:
These are some of elements that we believe as Easter people.
May our knowledge expand only if our belief does too.



As you celebrate Easter today, consider some of the mysteries you witness, even if they are seemingly insignificant. If you are spending time with loved ones, strike up a conversation and pay attention to how it unfolds. There is mystery in our communication, subtle body language and layers of meaning. Perhaps you will be enjoying an Easter dinner. Ponder for a quick moment—before your food gets cold!—how amazing it is that this food is in front of you, considering all the variables that came together for this meal to happen. Today is a day to celebrate mystery.

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