Pause + Pray

The Great Thanksgiving


A meaningful life begins with gratitude, the great thanksgiving for the whole of your life and all creation. It is giving thanks for everyone who has made—and continues to make—a difference in your life. Gratitude joins us with God and all creation and enables us to say “yes” to life and share our gifts with others.


God of beauty and wonder, I thank you for the gifts of life.
I thank you for life-changing encounters, moments of grace,
times when I forgave and was forgiven,
for the gifts of others and their impact on my life.
For all that has been: Thank you!
From thanksgiving, let my life be a blessing to others,
a great “yes” to the world one moment and encounter at a time.


Call a friend, parent, teacher, or colleague, and say thank you for their impact on your life. Do something unexpected to benefit another out of the abundance you have received.

Walking with Francis


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