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The Apostle of Ireland

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St. Patrick continues to be a popular saint well beyond the Ireland that he so loved. But after 1,500 years, one must wonder what it is about his story that has such longstanding appeal. Perhaps it was his undying passion to bring Christianity to the Emerald Isle, despite the predominance of pagan religions and intertribal conflicts. Maybe it’s the way he used a shamrock to illustrate the mystery and beauty of the Trinity. Or it could be the fact that he saw such goodness and spiritual potential in the Irish people, which is on full display in celebrations across the world on March 17. It’s likely a combination of all of those things and more, as evidenced by the flashes of green and heartfelt Irish blessings shared on his feast day.


Dear Lord,
Your missionary Patrick drove the proverbial snakes out of Ireland.
We ask that you do the same to any and all “snakes” in our hearts this day,
Whether they be vipers of violence or pythons of prejudice.
Let us be like Patrick, unafraid to share God’s light,
Deeply invested in living out the Gospel.
He was enslaved and treated cruelly by the same people he returned to convert.
May that same spirit of conversion dwell within us this day and every day.


Don’t have Irish heritage? No problem! St. Patrick was an outsider in Ireland too. Take a moment today to learn (or relearn) one piece of St. Patrick’s story. How does it have bearing on where you are on your own spiritual journey?

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